The Beaches on Procida

The best beaches on Procida

  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida
  • The Beaches on Procida

Procida is a Mediterranean gem waiting to be discovered. In addition to its famed colorful houses, stunning viewpoints, and excellent seafood, this idyllic outpost also offers beautiful beaches where you can relax, unwind, and soak up some Mediterranean sun. The small island of Procida is definitely worth visiting for at least a day or two of your trip to southern Italy, especially since you won’t find the crowds of tourists that often overrun Capri, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast here.

Although this Italian island in Campania's Bay of Naples is tiny, there are many sandy beaches, each one unique from the others. The sandy coast is mainly located on the western side of the island, while along the northern part you find high cliffs with hidden coves; the largest and most well-equipped beaches are located on the southeastern coast.

Given its volcanic origin, the sand blanketing the beaches on Procida is mostly coarse and dark, similar to the sand of the beaches along the shores of nearby Ischia. Even if the sea is calm and crystalline, you won't find the variety of colors you may find along Capri, for example, where the light sand and pebbles highlight shades of green and blue.

But where are the best beach on Procida? Which ones should not be missed? Here, you'll find our selection of the most beautiful beaches on Procida, with information about how the services you'll find and directions, so you can choose the perfect stretch of coastline to suit your taste or needs.


One of the most evocative and famous beaches of the island is located on the eastern shore: Chiaia beach, located along the bay of the same name. The beach is of volcanic origin and has dark sand, and the water is shallow and suitable for children. There is a free public area, two beach clubs, and a restaurant. To reach the Chiaia beach, take Via dei Bagni from Piazza San Giacomo or Via Pizzaco from Piazza Olmo, and then go down the 182 steps that separate the street from the beachside. It’s worth taking on the stairs just to admire the breathtaking view of the colorful fishing village of Corricella and Palazzo d'Avalos of Terra Murata, the oldest village of Procida, along the way. If you are visiting the Abbazia di San Michele Arcangelo abbey or other sights on the eastern-most point of the island, you can reach Chiaia by sea by taking the boat shuttle that runs between Marina Corricella and the beach.

Pozzo Vecchio

More commonly known as La Spiaggia del Postino, this beach is accessed by a ladder located just below the island cemetery. Buses run from the port to the cemetery (Line C1) or you can reach the beach on foot since it is only a 20-minute walk from the port of Procida. Pozzo Vecchio beach is famous because it hosted the set of some scenes of the film Il Postino with Massimo Troisi. Due to its volcanic origins, this beach has dark sand, but it boasts a very crystalline sea and it is surrounded by wild and pristine countryside. There is only one private beach club.


The beach of Ciraccio is located in the western part of the island of Procida and is divided from the adjacent beach of Chiaiolella by two soaring sea stacks. Ciraccio beach is the longest on the island and very popular among families, who stay in nearby campsites and who choose it for its crystalline water and full-day sun exposure. The Ciraccio coast is located between Punta Serra and the promontory of Santa Margherita Vecchia. To reach the beach from Piazza Olmo, turn right into via Flavio Gioia and follow the signs, or take bus line L2 that departs from the port of Marina Grande.


The beach of Chaiolella is located next to Marina Chiaiolella, the second tourist port of Procida. You can also reach the beach from Marina Grande via the L2 bus line as well. The island of Vivara is near Chiaiolella beach; this nature reserve is accessible only by swimming to its shores or walking across the bridge that connects it to the mainland. An extension of Ciraccio beach, the adjacent stretch of Chiaiolella is very similar. The beach is spacious, the water is clear, and the sun shines along the coastline all day so you can choose the time that suits you best to go to the beach. There are restaurants, bars, and several beach clubs where you can book sunbeds and umbrellas to spend the day relaxing worry-free. In addition, the beach of Chiaiolella has recently been equipped to allow access for visitors with limited mobility.


If you are looking for easily accessible beaches, then Silurenza is the best option for you. It is simple to reach on foot from the port of Marina Grande: take Via Roma (Grotte side) for just a few minutes. In addition to being easily accessible, the beach is equipped with all comforts you need for a relaxing day and a restaurant. This beach is ideal if you are heading to Procida for a day trip and you want to take a quick dip before catching the hydrofoil back to the mainland.

Spiaggia della Lingua

On the opposite side of the Silurenza beach and right next to the Port of Marina Grande (left end), the small and panoramic Spiaggia della Lingua beckons. Unlike the other beaches on Procida, this stretch of coastline is completely covered in pebbles. From here, you can walk to the Asino beach (described by the writer Elsa Morante in her book, "Arturo's Island"). La Spiaggia della Lingua can also be reached via the stairs at the end of Via Bartolomeo Pagano, one of the cross streets to the left that you meet going up to Terra Murata.


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