What to see and do in one day on Procida

Visit Procida in one day with our insider itinerary

What to see and do in one day on Procida
What to see and do in one day on Procida
What to see and do in one day on Procida
What to see and do in one day on Procida
What to see and do in one day on Procida

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Given its small size (just 4 square kilometers), Procida is a perfect day trip, offering natural beauty, excellent food, and stunning beaches. The island is a Mediterranean gem, deeply beloved and celebrated by poets, directors, travelers, and writers (Elsa Morante famously set her novel "Arturo's Island" on Procida). The Italian Minister of Cultural Activities and Tourism appointed Procida as the Capital of Italian Culture 2022. Ferries and hydrofoils run from several ports on the Gulf of Naples to Procida all year round. Many routes to the island of Ischia begin in Pozzuoli or Naples (from Beverello Port and Calata di Massa) and stop first at Procida and vice versa on the return trip. During the summer months of high season you can also depart for a day tour to Procida with some non-direct ferry routes from other locations in the Campania region, including Sorrento, Capri, and other locations along the Amalfi Coast.

First stop: Marina Grande Sent'Co

On Procida ferries dock at the port of Marina Grande, which is the island's main port and known by the locals as Sent'Co. Marina Grande is where most tourists first arrive on the island and it's lovely to explore, especially if you arrive early in the morning. Spend a leisurely hour strolling along the narrow streets lined with the island’s famed pastel-colored houses, pausing over a coffee with the traditional lingua di bue pastry at a café along Via Roma, and stopping to visit the churches of Santa Maria della Pietà and San Giovanni Battista. After, you can catch a bus to destinations across the island to explore further afield (don't forget to get a map at the Pro Loco tourism office) or book a boat excursion for a guided tour at sea.

At Marina Grande the taxi stand and bus terminal (where four different bus routes depart) are just steps away from the ferry dock. If the weather isn't too hot, you can also explore the island on foot or rent a scooter, which is a fun option for couples and makes it easy to take on the few hills.

Second stop: Terra Murata

From the port, walk about 20 minutes to the highest point on the island: Terra Murata. From the historic center of Marina Grande, take Via Vittorio Emanuele and then Via Principe Umberto to Salita Castello. Along the way, make sure to admire the spectacular views over Corricella village and stop at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie Incoronata, which you'll pass before arriving at Terra Murata. The historic heart of Procida, this medieval village sits 90 meters above sea level so its ancient inhabitants could watch the horizon and defend themselves from any coming attacks. Visit the town's 16th-century Palazzo d'Avalos, the former Bourbon Royal Palace that was later a prison and is currently being transformed into a museum. Then stroll through the historic center to the San Michele Arcangelo Abbey.

Third stop: the fishing village of Corricella

From Terra Murata, take the long staircase down to Corricella harbor, a tiny fishing village of colorful cottages crowded together. It's the most iconic sight on the island of Procida and one of the most "Instagrammable" spots on the island, as well as of the entire Bay of Naples and Italy in general. This is the best place to stop for lunch. There are a number of restaurants with tables set directly on the pier where you can enjoy exquisite local seafood specialties. If you have the chance to stay overnight here, take a walk at sunset among the fishing boats and enjoy the famous lemon granita at Felice Mare while admiring the postcard-perfect view.

Do you know why the houses in Corricella are so colorful? It's so that local fishermen would be able to recognize their own house from the sea before docking!

Fourth stop: afternoon on the beaches of Procida

After spending the morning at Terra Murata and lunching at Corricella harbor, it's time to relax a bit on the beach! There are a number of beaches and sea coves where you can dive into crystalline waters and sunbathe in peace and quiet. Among the most famous beaches, we recommend Spiaggia Chiaia, Pozzo Vecchio (known as Il Postino beach), or Chiaiolella.

Pozzo Vecchio (or Il Postino beach) is located on the island's west coast and is known for its natural beauty and as the backdrop in a number of scenes from the film “The Postman” with Massimo Troisi. The beach has a horseshoe shape, dark volcanic sand, and gets sunlight all day long.

Spiaggia Chiaia can be reached by taking the nearly 200 steps down to the water’s edge from Piazza Olmo (not far from Corricella) or by taking a boat shuttle from Marina Corricella. Once at Chiaia, you can choose between the free public area of the beach or rent deck chairs and an umbrella from the beach club, which also has a restaurant. Despite the effort to reach the beach, the view of Corricella makes it worthwhile.

Chiaiolella beach is the most crowded marina on Procida, with a tiny harbor, spacious beaches, and traditional restaurants that specialize in local and Italian seafood dishes. This coastline also gets sunlight all day long and you can admire the two rocky outcrops called the “Faraglioni of Procida”.

Another iconic place to see is the nature reserve of Vivara, a small island that sits just 3 kilometers from Procida and is connected to the larger island via the Santa Margherita bridge.